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posted Mar 20, 2016, 1:31 PM by F. Trent Syme
Thanks again for all the banner work.  We are sending in the second order to be made on Monday.   I will keep making banners if we keep getting them.

 We are also doing a Tri Tip Dinner for our last fundraiser.  We are asking that each player to sells 5 tickets.  I sent home those tickets on Thursday 3/17.  When they sell the tickets they (the player) needs to collect the money and pay at the finance off.  Then bring me the other half of the ticket and receipt from the finance office.  We are doing this on April 16th 3-6 down at the ball field.  Everything will be done and cooked before that time.  We just need the players there to hand out the pre-packaged meal.

Thanks Again