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Fall Ball info

posted Jul 18, 2015, 2:54 PM by F. Trent Syme
Hello all,

Hopefully your summer is treating you well.  I wanted to make you aware of our fall baseball schedule and opportunities.  I want to be clear the all fall baseball events are OPTIONAL and NOT MANDATORY in order to play in the spring.  

Here's the plan: First for the Sophmores and Freshman I will hold a tryout for a fallball team on Aug 24th after school down at the ball park.  I will keep around 12 + or- for that team.  They will play in the utah perfect game league.  Games will be Tuesday and Wednesday starting on the 26th. Ending at the end of Sept.  10 games.

2nd for the Seniors and Juniors and Sophmores that want too,  I would like for you to play in the BYU or UVU league,  The Byu Link is here: http://byusportscamps.com/baseball/2015/08/fall-baseball-league

The UVU league is not up yet but here is the link for when it is. http://readysetregister.com/Pages/series_display.php?de=168

In the Past most of the best baseball schools had their players playing in these leagues.  

I know there is also a team playing in tournaments with RMSB.  Ed Kay is coaching this team.  You will have to contact him for team spots. 

I will also start weightroom time, hitting and fielding practice once school starts, probably around the 21st of Aug.

Please pass the word around.

One last thing.  Drew the athletic trainer made a deal with IHC for Physicals.  The night of the 27th (mon) from 5:30-7:00, for 20 dollars.  If you need one this is an easy way to get one done for the year.